Use Less Energy with Noritz Tankless Water Heaters Use Less Energy with Noritz Tankless Water Heaters

U.S. Energy Use

Currently the United States is the world's largest energy consumer in the world, and for that reason is also the largest source of global warming pollution. The U.S. emits more carbon dioxide than China, India and Japan, combined. 25% of the carbon dioxide pollution produced by the U.S. comes from fossil-fuel burning. By switching to more energy efficient appliances and equipment, we can reduce the demand for electricity and cut carbon dioxide pollution from power plants. When it comes to water heating you won't find a better performing or more efficient unit than a Noritz tankless water heater.


Noritz Saves
By eliminaing stand-by heat loss alone, energy consumption can be reduced significantly. 


Did you know if every tank heater was replaced with a high-efficiency Noritz tankless water heater, North American society alone could annually save:

  • 290 million gallons of fuel oil
  • 164 million gallons of propane
  • 6 billion hours of kilowatt electricity

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