Be Environmentally Conscious with Noritz Tankless Green Water Heaters Be Environmentally Conscious with Noritz Tankless Green Water Heaters

Environmentally Conscious
Through all phases of production from development to manufacturing Noritz takes great pride in contributing our share of efforts to preserving the global environment by recycling, conserving resources, and curbing waste. Our environmental research has resulted in a breakthrough development of a burner that is highly efficient while minimizing NOx emissions.



Noritz Advantage
In keeping with the Green trend, Noritz leads the tankless water heater industry with the development of a condensing unit. The latest in tankless technology this innovation results in the most efficient natural gas tankless water heater on the market today, with 93% efficiency. With such a high efficiency the production of CO2 will be dramatically decreased, reducing the emission of Green House gases into the atmosphere.


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