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Environmentally Conscious

ISO 14001

Noritz America Corporation believes that it is the company’s essential role to remain committed to protection of the global environment and take part in activities for environmental protection and social contribution. For this purpose, Noritz is certified in ISO 14001 and continues to work on environmental management system (EMS).  To increase awareness in environmental protection, Noritz provides occasional training on ISO 14001 and hands out the ISO information card to all employees.


Noritz sets our environmental philosophy as “A Clean Earth for the Next Generations." This philosophy is based on 4 environmental objectives and targets.

  • The first is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emission through sales of tankless water heaters.
  • The second is to reduce the amount of paper usage.
  • The third is to reduce the amount of electricity.
  • The fourth is to save resources and energy through recycling program, which is led by the company’s 5S Committee.

To fulfill these objectives and targets, each employee at Noritz is expected to contribute to its EMS activity by conserving power, conserving water, and recycling.


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