Tankless is Green
Noritz is committed to a greener tomorrow
With greater efficiencies that minimizing carbon emissions, Noritz is committed to providing our customers with products that keep our surroundings in mind.
Up to 34%
More efficient than standard tank heaters
25 years
Longer lifespan
Energy savings
Less energy used in
commercial applications
Green Benefits for Homeowners
If you’re a green-conscious homeowner, you know the importance of decreasing your carbon footprint. By using a tankless water heater, you are sure to do just that. Tankless water heaters work to reduce carbon emissions. They do this by using less energy to heat your water since you don’t need to heat a full tank. The heater goes to work only when hot water is needed.

Hydronic floor heaters are another growing trend for homeowners. They are great for heating your home and are also beneficial in reducing energy consumption. Tankless water heaters are an added bonus if you are considering hydronic floor heaters, or already have them installed. Because they require a steady flow of hot water, you can easily imagine how a tankless water heater would provide exactly that. Unlike a traditional water heater, you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water.

Lastly, homeowners know all too well the damage caused by a failing water heater. It’s one of the dreaded nightmares of owning a home; coming home to water everywhere, leaking from a busted water heater. Not only is it disastrous, but all that water is wasted. With a tankless water heater, you no longer need to stress about this. Not only does it eliminate the need for stored up water, but they also last up to two times longer than traditional water heaters. This is an added green benefit, as that equates to a decrease in landfill waste.

Greater Benefits for the Commercial Industry

As a commercial business owner, you know all too well the necessity for hot water. It seems nearly impossible to operate as a green business. However, with Noritz commercial tankless water heaters, the idea is not so far-fetched. As mentioned before, tankless water heaters are notorious for reducing energy consumption, and this is even true if you own a large hotel or a restaurant.

Both locations are known for having multiple bathrooms, which obviously require a need for hot water. Because of the design, you can link multiple commercial tankless water heaters, allowing for hot water even if one unit is not operable. If you have multiple bathrooms, you won’t need to worry about providing hot water to all of them. This differs from traditional tank water heaters, in that if a tank goes out, you are left with less hot water to work with. It also takes more energy to fill and heat the water once it is repaired.

When operating multiple bathrooms, it’s common for water flow to be altered. However, with Noritz commercial tankless water heaters, this is not an issue. Because of our smart modulation, water flow is evenly distributed between units. Due to redundancy, you not only get a steady flow of water but an extended life span of your unit or units.

Another benefit of our commercial tankless water heaters is that they can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Hotel owners see the added benefit, especially if they have a heated indoor swimming pool. With a tankless water heater, the water can be warmed to the perfect temperature. Even better, you can rest easy knowing that your energy consumption is still under control.

Effects of Global Warming

Climate Change Effects of global warming are causing the temperature of the Earth to slowly rise, causing massive global changes to our natural environment.
Ecosystem Changes Effects of global warming are changing certain ecosystems throughout due to temperature fluctuations. Animals and plants are being forced to adapt to this, and as a result are dying off.
Rising Sea Level Effects of global warming are rapidly melting glaciers around the globe, causing a rising sea level and possibly coastal flooding and other weather problems in the future.
Breakdown of the Ozone Layer Effects of global warming are creating holes in the ozone layer, primarily from human use of products that emit toxic chemicals. The ozone layer absorbs UV radiation from the sun, the holes are causing amounts of toxic chemicals present in our breathing air to increase at a rapid rate.
Our goal is to limit our carbon footprint while providing lower energy costs to our customers
There are many benefits to choosing tankless water heaters. On a large or small scale, you will benefit from the lower energy costs due to reduced energy consumption. As a homeowner, you can significantly decrease your carbon emissions. As a commercial business owner, you also positively impact the environment by using less energy, even when providing hot water to multiple bathrooms, and indoor swimming pools. Choose a Noritz tankless water heater today, and save. Save money and save the planet.